Camrose Chase The Ace

Camrose Service Clubs Group Joint Venture Progressive Raffle Rules and Procedures


  1. This raffle is a Chase the Ace format in which there are 2 components: (a) A bi-weekly Event Percentage draw where the winner is awarded 20% of the gross sales for the current period. (b) A bi-weekly Progressive draw where the winner of the Event draw selects a card from a diminishing deck of playing cards. If the card drawn is the Ace of Spades the Progressive Pool is won.
  2. The Progressive Pool increases by 20% of gross ticket sales for each bi-weekly Event, and the number of cards to choose from diminishes by 1 each time a card is drawn.
  3. The licence ends when the Ace of Spades is drawn.
  4. Draw Events will be open to the public, however, ticket purchasers do not have to be present to win. If the holder of the winning ticket for the Event Percentage draw is not available to select a card for the Progressive draw, a Designated Proxy will be appointed to make the selection on their behalf.
  5. All tickets will be sold online. Ticket orders will be processed by Rafflebox, an AGLC-approved vendor. In the event of any discrepancy, the records of Rafflebox shall be deemed correct and final. Camrose Service Clubs Group Joint Venture (JV) is responsible for the conduct and management of the raffle. The liability of the licensee shall be limited to the purchase price of the ticket.
  6. By purchasing a ticket in the Camrose Service Clubs Group Joint Venture Progressive Raffle the purchaser acknowledges that they have read, understood and agreed to the raffle rules as published. All inquiries regarding the conduct, chance of winning, prizing or procedures of the Raffle are to be made to the JV prior to the purchase of a ticket.
  7. The estimated amount of the Bi-weekly Percentage draw prize and the Chase the Ace Progressive Pool will be posted on the JV website: CamroseChasetheAce.org.
  8. Complaints, concerns or comments should be addressed to the JV Sponsor through the website CamroseChasetheAce.org or by mail to Camrose Chase the Ace, 3412 61A Street, Camrose, AB, T4V 3M2.


  1. Ticket purchasers must be 18 years or older to enter the Raffle.
  2. All ticket purchasers must be located in Alberta at the time of purchase.
  3. All members of the Camrose Service Clubs Group may purchase tickets, with the exception that the Raffle Chairperson, Event Chairperson and Designated Proxy for each bi-weekly raffle event will not have a ticket in the draw for that event.
  4. In order to qualify for a chance to win the Chase the Ace Progressive Pool, customers must purchase a ticket for the current bi-weekly raffle event.

Ticket Sales

  1. Tickets must be purchased in the Province of Alberta.
  2. Tickets may be purchased online at Rafflebox.ca.
  3. Ticket sales will begin at 10:00 am on Thursday, July 15 and will end on the date that the Progressive Pool is won.
  4. Tickets will be available beginning at 10:00 am each Thursday following the previous bi-weekly draw and will cut off every subsequent 2 weeks at 6:00 pm on Wednesday.
  5. Tickets are available at the following bundle prices: 1 for $10; 4 for $20; 20 for $50; 100 for $100.
  6. There is no limit to the number of available tickets or bundles.
  7. All tickets will be delivered by email directly from Rafflebox. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure they receive their ticket(s); however, purchasers do not need their tickets in hand to be included in the draws.
  8. Ticket purchasers are required to enter their email address correctly with no errors when purchasing to ensure they receive their ticket(s) and should check their spam and junk mail folders if they have not received their ticket(s). Purchasers may contact support.rafflebox.ca to resolve any issues with receipt of tickets.
  9. Each purchaser of tickets for each bi-weekly Raffle draw will qualify for one chance to win the Chase the Ace Progressive Pool for the current period.
  10. All ticket sales are final. There will be no refunds issued to anyone for any reason. All tickets purchased and the raffle numbers of those respective tickets are entered into the draw cannot be refunded, including if a purchaser made an error in selecting the number of tickets they desired to purchase or entered any personal information incorrectly.

Bi-weekly Percentage Raffle Draw

  1. Ticket sales will conclude every second Wednesday at 6:00 pm
  2. The first Event Percentage draw will be held on Wednesday, July 28, 2021 and will continue at approximately the same time each subsequent 2 weeks on Wednesday until the Progressive Pool is won.
  3. All Raffle draws will take place at 5051 50 Street in Camrose, Alberta at approximately 7:15 pm.
  4. Ticket holders do not have to be present at the draw in order to win or claim their prize.
  5. The winning raffle number will be selected via Random Number Generation. The winning number will be announced and displayed. The draws may be live-streamed on social media.
  6. At least two executive members of the licenced charitable organization (or their delegates) will be present to witness each draw. Contact information (name and phone number) of both draw witnesses will be documented and maintained in the raffle records. The draw will be videotaped and the recording will be maintained in the raffle records.

Prizes and Notification

  1. The winner of the Event Percentage draw will be awarded 20% of the gross sales for the current bi-weekly period.
  2. The Event Percentage raffle winner is also qualified to participate in the current bi-weekly Progressive draw as described in the following section: Progressive Draw Procedure.
  3. The holder of the winning ticket from the Event Percentage draw will be notified by email and telephone immediately following the draw.
  4. The winner of the Progressive Draw will be notified by email and telephone.
  5. The winning ticket number of each bi-weekly Percentage Raffle event and the playing card selected in each Progressive Draw will be posted on the CamroseChasetheAce.org website immediately following the draw.

Progressive Draw Procedure

Deck Preparation

  1. Provide a standard 4 suit, ace to king, 52 card deck of playing cards.
  2. Display cards by suit and rank to verify deck.
  3. Shuffle cards face down to get a good mixture.
  4. Without revealing any card faces, insert each card in an opaque coin envelope.
  5. Seal each envelope and have Raffle Chairperson initial each flap.
  6. Shuffle envelopes.
  7. Number each envelope for inventory control only, small number on large flap.
  8. This is the deck to be used for all events in the raffle.

Deck Custody

  1. Secure available envelopes and previously drawn cards in locked box between draws.
  2. Raffle Chairperson and Event Chairperson to hold a key to locked box.
  3. Raffle Chairperson or Event Chairperson to maintain custody of locked box with envelopes and drawn cards.

Contacting Event Percentage Draw Winner

  1. Event Chairperson will initiate the Progressive Draw after the Event Percentage draw is complete.
  2. Using the name, email address and phone number of the Event Percentage Draw winner:
    (a) The notification email will be sent to the provided email address.
    (b) Two attempts, 15 minutes apart, will be made to contact the Event Percentage Draw winner at the provided telephone number.
    (c) In the case of no answer, the notification telephone message will be left, if possible
    (d) If the Event Percentage Draw winner responds to the email, answers the telephone call or calls within 30 minutes of step 2.a, the Progressive Draw will be made with the Event Percentage Draw winner.
    (e) If the Event Percentage Draw winner cannot be contacted within 30 minutes of step 2.a, the Progressive Draw will be made by an executive member of the licenced charitable organization present at the draw who has been assigned as the “Designated Proxy” prior to the draw, on behalf of the winner.

Progressive Prize Draw

  1. The available envelopes will be counted out to confirm match to expected number.
  2. The available envelopes will be shuffled.
  3. The Event Percentage Draw winner, if available, or the Designated Proxy, will state a number within the range available to be the envelope selected for the card reveal upon dealing the envelopes.
  4. Envelopes will be counted as they are dealt by the Event Chairperson until the number chosen in step 3 is reached.
  5. The card will be removed from the envelope selected in step 4 and revealed to the public.
    (a) If the card is the Ace of Spades, the Progressive Prize is awarded to the Event Percentage Draw winner and the raffle is closed.
    (b) If the card selected is not the Ace of Spades:
         (i) the Event Percentage Draw winner is a non-winner of the Progressive Draw
         (ii) the Progressive Prize is rolled over to the next event.
    (c) The selected card is removed from the available inventory.
  6. The selected card suit and value along with a number of available envelopes for the next event is published on the website.

Claiming and Payment of Prizes

  1. The winner of the Event Percentage Raffle prize and, if applicable, the Progressive Pool will contact the JV Raffle sponsor as directed in the email and telephone calls made by the Event Chairperson.
  2. When a winning ticket is presented, the winner must show 1 piece of government-issued identification proving their age to be over 18 and complete a Claim Form.
  3. All prizes will be paid by cheque.
  4. Winners have one calendar year from the date of the draw in which their prize was won to claim their prize(s). The JV Raffle sponsor will make a reasonable number of attempts to contact the winner throughout the year.


Unclaimed Prizes

  1. Prizes which remain unclaimed after one year from the respective draw date will be considered unclaimed.
  2. Unclaimed prizes will be reported to, and a charitable allocation approved by Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC).


  1. By claiming a prize, the winner consents to the use of their likeness/photograph, first and last name, ticket number, city/town of residence and the audio/video recording (or written transcript) of the winner notification telephone call for any publicity purposes by the Raffle sponsor group.
  2. The Raffle Sponsor, Camrose Service Clubs Group Joint Venture, respects the privacy of its raffle supporters. We do not sell, rent or trade in our supporter lists. The information we collect is used to process raffle ticket purchases, keep our supporters informed about the activities of the Camrose Service Clubs Group and ask for their continued support of charitable organizations in Camrose and Area.
  3. If at any time a supporter wishes to be excluded from such contacts, they may do so by contacting us through the website info@CamroseChasetheAce.org or using the unsubscribe option on the emails they may receive.


The JV Sponsor may rescind, cancel, amend or revoke the Raffle, subject to the prior approval of AGLC. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the JV Sponsor reserves the right to cancel or modify the Raffle and/or these Official Rules, in whole or in part and without notice, if the JV Sponsor determines that fraud or technical or other failures have threatened or destroyed the integrity of the Raffle.

Award of Progressive Pool upon Cancellation

If the Raffle is terminated by the JV Sponsor for any reason, the last Event Percentage draw winner will
be deemed to have won the Progressive Pool.

Licence # AGLC-650677

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