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Hospice Society of Camrose and District

The Hospice Society of Camrose and District (HSCD) is excited to have been chosen as the major project recipient for the Chase the Ace Progressive raffle. 20% of ticket sales from every event in the raffle is designated for donation to HSCD. This event the spotlight is on:

Nav-CARE Program

Nav-CARE stands for Navigating, Connecting, Accessing, Resourcing and Engaging. But really it means helping someone.

For three years Kristy Wells and Trudy Lamoriss have spent time visiting with each other, chatting on the phone, going outside for a visit or just hanging out.

“I connected with Trudy. She is a friend now,” said Kristy, a hospice volunteer.

The goal of the program is to improve the quality of life of those with advanced chronic illness by relieving loneliness, isolation and anxiety, by providing someone to be a sounding board.

For Trudy, whose disability makes it difficult to get outside, Kristy’s visits have been a bright spot in the week. 

“When I see Kristy, it fills up my day. She is a bright spot,” said Trudy, who gets help with paperwork, shopping and sometimes laundry from Kristy.

Our volunteers can help an individual by buying groceries, playing scrabble, going out for walks, helping connect with local support programs, or whatever is needed.

Feel free to call our office at 780-608-0636 to find out more about our programs or click on the link to read about our programs. These are free services, but we continue to operate through donations. Even a small donation can help us help others.

Service Options for Seniors

SOS Program (Service Options for Seniors) will receive 20% of ticket sales from this event to defray offices expense, rent, marketing and programming costs. SOS offers
information, referral, advocacy and support to older adults and their families. Their goal is to foster independence and build the resiliency required to age well in community.

The SOS Program has served this community since 2004, assisting seniors and their champions. As a small agency, it is nimble and able to get ahead of emerging trends,
adapting services to best meet the current needs of local seniors. SOS partners with the Canada Revenue Agency to provide free income tax filing for low-income members of
our community – of all ages. Over 1,000 2021 tax returns were processed this year injecting hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax refunds back into the community.
Income tax filing is the foundation of the SOS program and is the gateway to financial support, housing and food security programs.

Learn more about their great work at https://www.facebook.com/sosprogramcamrose/



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