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Hospice Society of Camrose and District

The Hospice Society of Camrose and District (HSCD) is excited to have been chosen as the major project recipient for the Chase the Ace Progressive raffle. 20% of ticket sales from every event in the raffle is designated for donation to HSCD. This event the spotlight is on:

Nav-CARE Program

Nav-CARE stands for Navigating, Connecting, Accessing, Resourcing and Engaging. But really it means helping someone.

For three years Kristy Wells and Trudy Lamoriss have spent time visiting with each other, chatting on the phone, going outside for a visit or just hanging out.

“I connected with Trudy. She is a friend now,” said Kristy, a hospice volunteer.

The goal of the program is to improve the quality of life of those with advanced chronic illness by relieving loneliness, isolation and anxiety, by providing someone to be a sounding board.

For Trudy, whose disability makes it difficult to get outside, Kristy’s visits have been a bright spot in the week. 

“When I see Kristy, it fills up my day. She is a bright spot,” said Trudy, who gets help with paperwork, shopping and sometimes laundry from Kristy.

Our volunteers can help an individual by buying groceries, playing scrabble, going out for walks, helping connect with local support programs, or whatever is needed.

Feel free to call our office at 780-608-0636 to find out more about our programs or click on the link to read about our programs. These are free services, but we continue to operate through donations. Even a small donation can help us help others.

Institute for Stuttering Treatments & Research (ISTAR)

ISTAR began treating preschoolers, school aged children, teens and adults in 1986. Clinics are in Edmonton and Calgary but clients in all areas of Alberta, in Canada and
internationally are served. The goal of ISTAR is to transform the lives of their clients who stutter and have communication difficulties. They conduct research into the nature and cause of stuttering, train students and clinicians nationally and internationally how to deliver the program, educate the public about stuttering and effectively treat their clients. People build their speaking confidence which helps them academically, vocationally and emotionally.

ISTAR has been a world recognized center of excellence for over 36 years. As an institute within the U of A, over 400 clinicians have been trained, more than 4000 clients
successfully treated, 82 research studies published, work presented at dozens of conferences and more than 500 media stories shared. The greatest success is seeing
people speak without fear so that they can be productive members of their communities.

ISTAR clients are at risk for being under-educated, under-employed and susceptible to mental health issues. Through donor support, these clients can lead amazingly productive lives and go on to contribute significantly to our communities and society as a whole. Former clients have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, firefighters,
nurses, accountants, speech therapists and countless other professions who then give back to their community.
Find out more about the great work ISTAR does on their website or Facebook.



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